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MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 Plus Activator
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Microsoft Office 2016 suite includes applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 365, or Office 2013 users can open documents created without any additional action.

Customers using earlier versions of Office may need to download and install a compatibility pack.

New in Microsoft Office 2016:

Your documents, anywhere – Across the Office 2016 applications, it’s easier to use the power of feature-rich applications to create, open, edit and save files in the cloud from your desktop, so you can access them from anywhere and on any device.

In addition, new modern attachments in Outlook make it easy to attach files from One Drive and automatically configure permission for the recipients – without leaving Outlook.

All making it easier to share and collaborate on your work with others.

Collaboration – Real-time co-authoring is available in the Office Online apps today and we’re bringing that experience to the Windows Desktop applications, starting with Word.

When you and your team are working in Word 2016 and or Office online, you’ll be able to see where other editors are working and what they are writing – all in real-time.

Smart Applications – Applications will learn as you work, taking advantage of subtle cues and clues to help you stay on task and get more out of Office.

Tell Me, a new search tool available in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, serves up the commands you need by simply typing what you want to do.

Clutter – a new Exchange feature that lights up in Outlook – uses machine learning to analyze your email patterns and de-clutter your inbox by moving lower priority messages out of your way and into a new Clutter folder.

Insights, powered by Bing, finds you contextual information from the web within the reading experience.

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icon KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 Portable/readme/readme_fr.txt21.3 KB
icon KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 Portable/readme/readme_kms.txt709 B
icon KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 Portable/readme/readme_ru.txt30.2 KB
icon KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 Portable/readme/readme_ua.txt30.5 KB
icon KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 Portable/readme/readme_vi.txt22.5 KB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/fre.cab170 B
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/i320.cab13.3 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/i321033.cab620.6 KB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/i640.cab17.4 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/i641033.cab642.3 KB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/s320.cab1.2 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/s321033.cab241.6 KB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/s640.cab1.2 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/s641033.cab242.4 KB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/stream.x64.en-us.dat192.9 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/stream.x64.x-none.dat1012.5 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/stream.x64.x-none.dat.cobra2.8 KB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/stream.x86.en-us.dat191 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/stream.x86.x-none.dat869.4 MB
icon office/data/16.0.4266.1003/stream.x86.x-none.dat.cobra2.8 KB
icon office/data/c2rfireflydata.xml411.5 KB
icon office/data/v32_0000.cab17.4 KB
icon office/data/v32_0001.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v32_0005.cab18.9 KB
icon office/data/v32_0010.cab17.4 KB
icon office/data/v32_0050.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v32_0100.cab17.4 KB
icon office/data/v32_0200.cab17.4 KB
icon office/data/v32_0400.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v32_0600.cab18.9 KB
icon office/data/v32_0800.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v32_16.0.4266.1003.cab16 KB
icon office/data/v32.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v64_0000.cab18.9 KB
icon office/data/v64_0001.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v64_0005.cab16 KB
icon office/data/v64_0010.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v64_0050.cab18.9 KB
icon office/data/v64_0100.cab16 KB
icon office/data/v64_0200.cab18.9 KB
icon office/data/v64_0400.cab16 KB
icon office/data/v64_0600.cab17.5 KB
icon office/data/v64_0800.cab16 KB
icon office/data/v64_16.0.4266.1003.cab17.4 KB
icon office/data/v64.cab17.4 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0000.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0001.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0005.cab17.6 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0010.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0050.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0100.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0200.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0400.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0600.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu32_0800.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu32_16.0.4266.1003.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu32.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0000.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0001.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0005.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0010.cab17.6 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0050.cab16.2 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0100.cab17.6 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0200.cab17.7 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0400.cab17.6 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0600.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu64_0800.cab19.1 KB
icon office/data/vu64_16.0.4266.1003.cab17.6 KB
icon office/data/vu64.cab16.2 KB
icon office/setup32.EXE1.3 MB
icon office/setup64.EXE1.5 MB
icon setup.exe129 KB